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Alexander González González

Machine Learning Engineer


Hey, I´m Alexander González! I'm living in Canary Islands, Spain.  I´m a 24-year-old technological and entrepreneurial young man, addicted to traveling, exploring, and enjoying the little things that life offers, family and friends. Really passionate about technology, right now, developing Artificial Intelligence solutions as AI Software Engineer. Geek of the cloud, of AI and faithful friend of data, always trying to analyze and understand what those pixels and words tell us that almost nobody pays attention to, giving them the treatment they deserve with the help of AI.

Open to knowledge, to learn, to observe, to reflect, and then get the best of myself to share it with others, since 2015 as a Microsoft Student Partner and since 2020 as a Microsoft Artificial Intelligence MVP. I'm passionate about creating new AI platforms and services to help others in personal or business cases, thinking one day to manage large software projects! 

Interested all the time in listening to teachers, developers, geeks, or people who are simply interesting and creative. Sharing, communicating and teaching is a privilege and a gift. Do not hesitate to contact me!

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