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Consumer Security
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Office System, Enterprise Security, Consumer Security
Daniel A Godin
Better known as Triple Helix and I’m a Retired Welding Supervisor and Inspector of 26 years enjoying life and like helping others to clean and protect their computers from Malware and Educating them on various Security Related Forums and Family and Friends to keep safe online. ;-)

• Forum Administrator at the Calendar of Updates (Security & Program Updates)
• Webroot Community Forums Silver VIP & Expert Product Advisor & Beta Tester helping users of WSA with any issues they might have 
• Get-to-know-the-community-TripleHelix:
• Webroot Product Advisor at Wilders Security Forums and Beta Tester helping users of WSA with any issues they might have and testing other Anti-Malware solutions to gain knowledge about them so I can Educate and make better suggestions to users
• VIP Member of ASAP - (Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals™)
• Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Forum as an Expert
• Private MVP Forum
• Private Security Forum
• Catch me on Twitter: @TripleHelixDNA
• Member on many Yammer Groups
• Member of Microsoft Office Pre-Release Program and on Yammers
• July 2014 Trip to Webroot Headquarters:

And my Hobbies are: Windows Computer Security and Home Networking-NASCAR-Blue Jays Baseball-Maple Leafs Hockey-Fish Aquariums and Fishing!
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