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Consumer Security
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Internet Explorer, Windows Experience
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Derek Knight
United Kingdom
I am  active on several on line help forums helping people with security problems, removing malware, viruses, spyware, adware , trojans etc from their computers.
The main forums I work with are  and TSG

I run a co-operative venture between many of the malware fighters and several of the Antivirus/Anti-Trojan/Anti-spyware companies where a private forum has been set up to enable discussion of the current threats & ways to overcome them.

I have recently started a new blog where I attempt to keep users informed about currently spreading malware, especially those that come attached to emails or as a result of clicking links in emails, as well as other security related information and clear sensible advice about how to protect themselves and not become a victim of phishing or malware. 
When I am not online I am involved with my other passion Animal Welfare and I run a small Hedgehog Rescue centre
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