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Consumer Security, Windows Expert-Consumer, Windows Touch & Tablet PC
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Günter Born
IT-Author, Blogger, Videotrainer, Communitymoderator MS Answers Forums Blog: (mostly German)
I startet in 1979 as an engineer, changed 1981 to Software developing (Fortan, PL/M, Assembler) in 8085/Z80 programming, worked as Project Manager and head of Software development in industry. 

Startet 1983 with DOS 1.0, got the 1st IBM PC XT in Europe in my fingers - and since that time have had a closer look at each DOS and Windows Version ever goes publics. 

Freelance writer since 1993 (for Pearson, International Thomson Publishing, Addison Wesley, and also for Microsoft Press)

Contributing author "Windows 98 Ressource Kit" (MS Press), 
other english (MS Press) titles 
- Inside the Registry for Windows 95
- Inside Microsoft Windows 98 Registry
- Microsoft Windows Script Host 2.0 Developer's Guide

and many (over 200) German book titles about Windows, Office, Linux, Internet, Networking etc.

Also active as Blogger (Windows, Android, iOS e.g.) and as Microsoft Answers community moderator. 

Blog at: (mostly in German)
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