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Gordon L. Chapman
Gordon Chapman has 15 Plus years experience in Software and Security Updates. Gordon uses his skills to help and guide users online on a day to day basis in the fight against spyware, malware and viruses. He was born in Ramstein,Germany in 1959 He is close to retirement and has been in law-enforcment for the last 22 years and resides in Oregon. Gordon has been married to his awesome and lovely wife Nancy for 25 great years :) His hobbies are Football, Gardening, MMA and sharing and taking care four awesome cats He also assisits on a day to day basis with several computer security forums as a Administrator and or Moderator and BETA tester. Some of which include: • Spyware Beware ASAP Forum • Outpost Firewall support Forum • Calender of Updates Forum • Mickey the Man's Privacy Security forum • Log and Rock Security Forum • LandzDown Forum • Forum • MalwareBytes Forum He is also a member of Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals