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Consumer Security
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Windows Consumer Apps, Internet Explorer, Windows Experience
Soziale Netzwerke
MCSE, MCSA, MCC2011, Network+, A+, MCP Vista/XP, MCP+Internet
Kosh Vorlon
United States
Former VP Operation at Citibank and Director of Operations at Prudential - both field and staff (and staff was mostly project management including computer aspects).
I'm in Laytonsville, MD, USA. Owned/own my own business setting up and repairing computers (hardware and software), setting up and repairing ad-hoc networks, and training on computers and various peripherals and products (Windows since 3.1, Office, Cons. Apps, Internet Explorer, MSE/security, hardware, and lots of freeware) for small businesses and individuals for over 20 years (mostly on-site but also remotely at times).

I'm a 5th dan black belt in Ninjutsu and 4th dan in Aiki-jutsu. I'm an expert marksman. I enjoy sci-fi, horror, action/adventure movies and TV series like the CSI's, Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-O, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, NCIS's, Falling Skies, etc. I'm an author & love to read (S.King, R.Cook, L.Hamilton, C.J. Cherryh, L.Niven, T.Clancy,...).

I spend most of my time (12+ hrs/day, 7 days/wk) online freely helping people & MC itself - much more moderation, forum help/suggestions, mentoring, discussions, and projects than ever (consider helping forum & other helpers & discussions often more valuable than actual responses because it allows those who do that to do it better and faster).  Heavily involved in SPAM/Abuse defense.

CM in all forums and prolific moderation since 3/11-10/14, original V&M CMM to 10/14, original CAM to 10/14 at MS Community. Reformatting website (End-of-life for Office 2003) on computer security and maintenance.  In training for UNITE-approved malware-removal certification.
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