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Remote Desktop Services
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Group Policy, Directory Services, Windows Server for Small and Medium Business
Kristin L Griffin
United States
Kristin started working with computers in 1996. Employed first as a Web site and graphic interface designer, in 2000, she took a job in Washington DC, and jumped headfirst into networking, IT consulting and server-based computing. 

A Remote Desktop Services MVP, Kristin likes sharing her learned knowledge with others. She moderates two Microsoft forums dedicated to helping the server based computing community and shares RDS related information on her blog ( 

A contributor to Mark Minasi’s Mastering Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 books (both from Wiley), she also co-authored the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit (MS Press) and the WS08 R2 Remote Desktop Services Resource kit of the RDS Resource Kit with Christa Anderson. 

Kristin consults in the small to medium-sized market where she supports all aspects of RDS deployment. In her spare time Kristin likes to build things with her plethora of power tools, and cheer for the Seattle Sounders soccer team.
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