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Technische Expertise:
Consumer Security
Technische Interessen:
Windows Consumer Apps, Internet Explorer
English, Spanish
Linda Layton
Linda actively volunteers as a security analyst at a number of online forums. She is a teacher and professional artist.

Her interest in computers began while teaching in her local school system. As a member of the Technology Committee she was called on to assist staff, design web pages, and troubleshoot problems. That led to an interest in Windows Security. 

From 2004 through the closing of CastleCops in December 2008, Linda applied her teaching experience to CastleCops where she worked as a Site Moderator, Rootkit Expert, Security Expert, WIKI Sysop, and Lead Mentor training others in analysis and in prevention and removal of malware.  

Linda was featured in January 2008 on the Dell Community Home Page in the Member Spotlight as a Top Contributor. She is a Lenovo Community Advocate and Moderator. Linda currently participates as a Microsoft MVP at Lenovo Community where several of her KB articles have been published, as well as her being spotlighted in November 2011. She also volunteers at SpywareInfo, Geeks To Go, Malware Removal, and Bleeping Computer. Linda is a member of the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals. She participates in the Microsoft MVP Mentor Program. Linda is a Site Administrator and Training Administrator at SpywareHammer, a site dedicated to helping all Microsoft users and teaching malware removal to volunteers.