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Windows Entertainment and Connected Home
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Windows Consumer Apps, Windows Touch & Tablet PC, Surface
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Mark Terborg
United States
DeMotte, IN
Mark Terborg is a follower of Jesus, married to an amazing wife and a father of three. He works at Burke Costanza & Carberry LLP, a law firm of around 25 attorneys, as the Business Manager and IT Administrator.

Mark owns and runs MJT Software & Services Inc doing many things, but most of all, Windows Media Center development. 

Mark started off getting involved in the Media Center community the day that Windows 7 launched and hasn't stopped since. He started developing Auto Rip n Compress, but the most financially successful project has been Recorded TV HD which is still continually being improved. My Memories for Windows Media Center is the latest release for Media Center and is a great interactive screensaver to replace the default one.
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