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Consumer Security
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Enterprise Security, Consumer Security, Internet Explorer
Russ Stamm
United States
(Louis) Russ Stamm is known as quietman7 in the Internet Security community. He is a malware removal analyst and instructor who teaches students at SpywareHammer (and formerly at Castlecops) the techniques of investigating, analyzing and removing virus, Trojan and rootkit infections. In addition to teaching, Russ spends much of his time providing volunteer service at several online communities where he assists members with disinfecting computers and answering questions about security related issues. He is a Global Moderator at Bleeping Computer, a Site Admin at The ElderGeek, a Helper at Microsoft Answers, a Moderator at and a contributor at other technical security forums. He writes guides for using tools to remove malware and tutorials ranging from Best Practices for Safe Computing to How Malware Spreads. Russ is a member of UNITE (Unified Network of Instructors and Trusted Eliminators) and has been a Microsoft MVP since 2007. In 2001 Russ retired from a 26 year career in law enforcement after working as a Federal Special Agent in New York, and a police officer in both the State of Florida and the Commonwealth of Virgina. In 2005, he also retired from the Coast Guard Reserve with twenty-seven years of service. After that, Russ started a new career with the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services as the State Trauma Registry Coordinator and was a Certified Emergency Management Assistant until retiring in 2014.
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