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Consumer Security
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Windows Phone, Office System, Windows Experience
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Stephen Boots
United States
I've been passionate about computers and technology since my Introduction to Computers course in college back in 1975 or so. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology and worked in the steel fabrication industry for a few years before being able to put my passion to work full time. My first PC was an IBM and I bought it with a copy of Microsoft Word 1.0 and the original MS Mouse. We've certainly come a long way since those early days and I've enjoyed the ride. I am a Manager in IT at UPS and a forum moderator in my spare time. You'll find me as a moderator at the Virus and Malware forums at, the Windows Live area at the Windows Experts Community (,  and the forums at I can be found in the various Windows Live microsoft.public newsgroups that still exist on nntp. Prior to their closure, I moderated the  Windows OneCare forums  and the Live Mesh forums at
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