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Windows Phone
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Windows Experience, Surface
Sven Johannsen
Tech Enthusiast
I have been a tech enthusiast all my life. I'm old enough that some of my life was before there was tech to be enthused about ;) I got excited about mobile computing (smaller than laptops) when MS announced their Pocket PC devices back in 2000. Had some handhelds before that but these seemed truely powerful and portable. I had several, and enjoyed helping other folks get the most out of their devices. Was awarded the honor of MVP in those devices, and maintained that through Windows Mobile. Was recently reawarded in the Windows Phone Consumer space for my efforts in the Answers forums for WP7 and 8. I do have an iPhone and Nexus and am comfortable in iOS, Android, Windows and OSX. My mobile daily driver though is my Lumia 1020 with WP8.1 Update.
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