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Aaron Powell | Internet Explorer |
I'm a ASP.Net web developer with over 9 years commercial experience in working on everything web and CMS. I contribute to a number of open source projects such as the Umbraco CMS, FunnelWeb blog engine and ClientDependency.I also have spoken at a...
Akihiro Oyamada | Internet Explorer | Japan
MS MVP since April 2011. I'm also known as 'Yomotsu'. I'm a Website Front-End Engineer at PixelGrid, Inc. I have expert knowledge of (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SVG. I have spoken at a number of conferences in Japan about Web Technology based on H...
Akira Murachi | Internet Explorer | Japan
AKA Hebikuzure. I'm interested in Browser/Web Experience. MS MVP since April 2011.
Alex John Mackey | Internet Explorer |
Alex is an experienced web consultant (, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5) with over 10 years’ experience in .NET technologies. He wrote the book “Introducing .NET 4.0: With Visual Studio 2010” for Apress and is currently completing a su...
Alex S. N Santos | Internet Explorer | Brasilien
Alex Santos (Kondera) in Computer Engineering since 2010, Microsoft MVP. With 10 years of experience in web development since 2003 and operates in the Microsoft programs and communities. He made the first team of Microsoft Student Ambassadors in 2005...
David Storey | Internet Explorer | Vereinigte Staaten
Open Web Advocate at Plain Concepts. Opera, CERN, Motorola,, and CSS Working Group alumni. Organiser and curator of The Marquee Club. Blogs at
David Wesst | Internet Explorer |
David Wesst has been working with web and user experience development for the past 5 years and currently works for the Unversity of Manitoba in the Faculty of Medicine as a Systems Analyst in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After finishing university, David has
Don Varnau | Internet Explorer |
I became interested in personal computers around 1994. Working with Macs in an elementary school led to Windows 95 at home. That led to the Microsoft newsgroups as a way to learn more about Windows, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and other progra...
Eric Lawrence | Internet Explorer | Vereinigte Staaten
Microsoft PM FTE 2001-2012; Office & Internet Explorer.Developed the Fiddler Web Debugger.
Futomi Hatano | Internet Explorer |
Web system developer.I am familiar with Open Web technologies such as HTML5.Finally, Internet Explorer has became one of the Web Standard browsers.I love it!