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András Velvárt | Kinect for Windows | Ungarn
András is extremely passionate about technology, user experience, and how technology can be brought closer to people. This is what lead him to become a Kinect for Windows MVP. András is an accomplished speaker, speaking at Microsoft conferences and c...
Bronwen Zande | Kinect for Windows |
Bronwen Zande is a Director of Soul Solutions, based in Brisbane, Australia. She is an active member of the .Net community. She is currently a Kinect for Windows Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and has previously been awarded MVP stat...
Carl Franklin | Kinect for Windows | Vereinigte Staaten
Carl Franklin is host of the popular .NET Rocks! talk show, host of dnrTV, a weekly screencast for .NET developers, president of Pwop Productions, providing professional audio and podcasting services, a Microsoft Regional Director, an MVP for Visual
David Renton | Kinect for Windows | Vereinigtes Königreich
David has worked in the computing sector since graduating from University aged 21, both in industry and in education. He has over 10 years’ experience working as a software developer in industry (mostly using FoxPro), over half of that time was for h...
Fabrice Barbin | Kinect for Windows | Frankreich
Entrepreneur, innovation and technology enthusiast for years, Fabrice BARBIN is currently managing and developing SYNERGIZ, a company providing services and outsourced R&D, focused on Microsoft technologies. ( Having worked...
Henry Javier Paca | Kinect for Windows | Ecuador
Jae Kwan Ko | Kinect for Windows |
Very famous programmer in Korea. JawKwan Ko lives in Korea and is a present of SAEWAN Co,. Ltd. He is specialized in developing, embedded managed application for Windows Embedded, Windows Phone, Windows 8 Store App. Current expert position is KINECT
James E. Ashley | Kinect for Windows | Vereinigte Staaten
James is a Presentation Layer Architect on the Emerging Experiences team at Razorfish, an international digital agency. He is the co-author of Beginning Kinect Programming published by Apress. James develops high-end interactive kiosks and out-of-h...
Joshua Blake | Kinect for Windows |
Joshua Blake is an integrator (developer-UX designer hybrid) with extensive experience developing Natural User Interfaces (NUI) for Kinect, Microsoft Surface, and Windows Touch devices. He is a Kinect for Windows MVP and is deeply involved in the Kin...
Kaoru Nakamura | Kinect for Windows | Japan