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Cindy Meister | VSTO | Schweiz
Cindy Meister specializes in automation of Microsoft Office applications and, most recently, in the Office Open XML file formats and Open XML SDK. Her technical award since 2007 has been for the VSTO technology (Visual Studio Tools for Office). The o...
George J. Capnias | VSTO | Griechenland
George Capnias is working as Software Architect and Development Manager. His developing career started as soon as he left high-school and got a job as a programmer for a small software house in Athens. He started developing with Microsoft’s products
Jake Ginnivan | VSTO | Australien
Based in Perth, Jake is a Senior Developer for Readify, specialising in WPF, VSTO, Azure, Continuous Delivery and Agile. In his role, Jake encourages and assists organisations to innovate on the Microsoft Application Development Platform. As a VSTO M...
Maarten van Stam | VSTO | Niederlande
Maarten is working as Software Engineer for over 20 years now. Started programming dBase and Clipper (DOS) systems in the early 80's, Pascal/C++ late 80's, C++/VB for Windows early 90's and VB.NET/C# today. Specialized in Office development/....
Ty Anderson | VSTO |
Ty Anderson spends his time consulting and building software using Microsoft technologies. In addition to consulting Ty is a Microsoft MVP and writes frequently about Microsoft products including VSTO, SharePoint, Office, SQL Server, etc. and his wor...