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Etant passionné de la Xbox depuis quasiemment sa sortie, j'ai décidé de créer un site tournant autour du Xbox Live. Pourquoi le Xbox Live ? Tout simplement car je faisais parti d'une vingtaine de priviliégiés a être accepté dans la Bêta de se produit...
Allyn Creel | Xbox |
I'm from New Zealand, gamertag: Xtramalt.Xbox MVP 2005-2012
Andrew Edney | Xbox |
Im an IT Consultant and have been doing this now for over 15 years. I have been involved in various beta programs over the years, including Media Center and Windows Home Server. I have also written a number of books, and am the editor of ConnectedDig...
I am completely humbled and honored to be an MVP. My name is Brandee, also known as Dangerdoll. I have loved, do love, and will always love Video Games. It all began with Pole Position at a friend’s house, which later evolved into a romance afte...
Choohan Cho | Xbox |
Classroom instruction Supporters, Teaching and Learning Support Center, Seoul.Information and Communication Ethics centerline teachers, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.Seoul smart education leading teachers, Seoul Metropolitan Offic...
Chris Brown | Xbox |
My wife and I started The Married Gamers as a last chance to heal our rocky marriage. Thankfully, it was the right decision for many reasons. We're closer now than ever before. It's also led to some fantastic experiences including being a judge at...
Dario Zgrablic | Xbox | Kanada
Daylon D Furlough | Xbox | Vereinigte Staaten
First, I'm really honored to have received the Microsoft MVP Xbox MVP Award. The program contains some outstanding individuals and I'm truly honored to be amongst such a talented group. Being nominated was fantastic and it's something I'll never fo...
Doug Clark | Xbox | Vereinigte Staaten
I am a long time gamer, ambassador, and community member with Xbox. I've been around the community since 2006, when I started contributing and hanging around the forums. During that time, I became an Xbox Ambassador in 2009 and have been one...