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SQL Server
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Word, SQL Server
Jeff Moden
United States
Jeff Moden is a mostly self taught Sr. Application DBA working with SQL Server and T-SQL.  Jeff is a very active member of with more than 35,000 posts (as of April 2014) and 33 mostly 5 star articles where he coined the acronym "RBAR" which, as he says, "is pronounced 'ree-bar' and is a 'Modenism' for Row-By-Agonizing-Row".  "RBAR" and his favorite SQL tool, the "Tally Table", have become well known acronym across the globe in recent years.

Jeff's specialty is writing high performance code.  Among his many accomplishments, he won his company's highest award for rewriting a dupe check across 3 months worth (93) of daily databases.  Previously, the 3rd party dupe check would take anywhere from 10 to 24 hours, would only check across 2 months of daily databases because of the time involved, and would fail many times in the same day.  When Jeff completed his rewrite, it ran so fast (11 minutes) that the testers insisted that it didn't actually run until he insisted that they actually check the data.

Among many other accomplishments, Jeff won the Navy Achievement award for his teaching in the service and created a 200 hour computer assisted diagostics course as part of his shore duty.  He also won the RedGate "Exceptional DBA" award for 2011.

Jeff participates in and has spoken at the South East Michigan SQL Server Users Group PASS Chapter.  He has also spoken at the 2010 pass summit, many SQLSaturdays, has taught many in-house courses for the companies that he has worked for, and is looking forward to more.
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