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Shannon Deminick

Umbraco core developer | Surfer | Traveler | Canadian | Australian


I am a full time developer for Umbraco. I've been on the Umbraco core development team since April 2011 and am fortunate enough to be working on this great product full time. For the 5 years previous to starting at Umbraco HQ, I worked as the Technical Director for TheFARM Digital in Sydney, Australia. I'm also a proud Microsoft MVP in the IIS/ASP.Net category. Some open source projects I maintain are:

Smidge - web resource management for ASP.Net Core
Articulate - Blogging platform
UmbracoIdentity - ASP.Net Identity provider for Umbraco members
Examine - Lucene search engine
ClientDependency - web resource management
Umbraco LinqPad provider

I've also been contributing to:


I have a passion for development, it's one of my favorite things to do... yes even in my spare time. I've been developing since I was a teenager when the interwebs were becoming cool (MIRC was the thing to do), and have been specializing in web development pretty much since I left college in 2000. Apart from developing I love to surf, travel, relax and generally just like to hang out with good friends.

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