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Windows Expert-Consumer
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Windows Expert-Consumer
Cheryl Gilliam
United States
Computers have been a hobby  for quite sometime. I soon became the family/friends go-to for PC help.It was while troubleshooting an issue that I first visited a help forum.The wonderful Windows people I met there and the things they accomplished in helping others really impressed me. I also noticed that I knew answers for many of the problems posted there. So my 'journey' began into online help forums.
An active participant in online forums since 2002 I have made friends from around the world. I have gained a lot from other members, as well as given my best effort in helping others to have the best Windows experience possible.

It has been a great honor to receive recognition with the MVP Award 2010-2014

I have also earned the badge of  "HP Expert" in the HP Consumer Support Forums. I had a wonderful time in Sept 2012 when I and another forum member was invited by HP to attend the AARP convention in NOLA. My main focus was engaging attendees and showing them the benefits and pleasures of online forums.I also did some interviews with bloggers,etc about my passion for helping folks I had never seen.
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