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Xbox, Microsoft Azure
German, English
Damir Tomicic
Damir Tomicic is co-founder and managing director of Axinom Group (, a dynamic and fast growing IT company with subsidiaries in USA, Germany, UK and Estonia. 

Damir Tomicic has over 15 years of industry experience. His skills expand into many areas, including Microsoft enterprise platform, IT & business architecture and international business development. His main focus is the mediation and implementation of modern software technologies and concepts at the Enterprise Web platform, in particular the sectors of .NET, software architecture, illustration and integration of business processes.

Damir is Microsoft Regional Director for Germany since 2004 and member of the RD advisory council. He is senior, highly demanded and established international speaker. He was awarded for the highest rated keynote presentations at several conferences. He is a frequent guest speaker at European Parliament in Brussels. 

Damir is President of INETA Europe (International .NET Association) and member of INETA Worldwide Executive Council. After being member of Board of Directors of IASA since 2004 Damir resigned from his position in 2009 and joined the Advisory Board. 

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