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David Henry Clarke
I had a long career in Aviation, initially as a military pilot, and then, for forty years, in Air Traffic Control.
In the latter years of my working life, (From 1980) I moved to management and was in charge  of the setting up of the first computers at an airport where I was employed. This was mainly fumbling and experimentation, as help, in those days, particularly in developing countries, where I worked, was not readily available.

1200 positive "help" posts on forums in the past year.

Eventually, as a result of Windows/Internet, I was able to add to my knowledge and began my present hobby of passing that on to others. This was mainly via the avenue of forums.
 I was able, through my work, to gain a working, although limited, knoweledge of programming in certain fields.  Obviously, in early days, Basic: on to VB and a little Java. With early access to Vista and Windows 7 Betas, I could stay one step ahead and fulfil this task more efficiently. This I am continuing, with Windows 8, into my retirement.
With the chance to examine the early public releases, and now Windows 8/8.1, what has now become my major hobby plunges into greater depths .
I have now found another outlet, (No charge) of helping the elderly and newbies locally. 

"No longer young" users have reacted with mixed response but, almost invariably, when the differences in Windows 8, from earlier Oss, have been demonstrated, enthusiasm has been shown.

In cooperation with my son, I have just started a "help & repair" organisation. Only open for a few weeks, but, so far, the return is excellent. My son side-lines as a qualified Masseur, but is trained in electronics, particularly in the field of computers. He has , until recently, worked in the field with on-site repairs for  company specialising in DEll, but between us we cover all brands. Charges for work are kept low as we are aiming at the lower income customers.

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Fwiw. Forum posting, being my main activity, to date, for 2013, I have recorded 1200 positive "help" posts.
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