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Visual C++
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Hyper-V, Windows Experience, .NET
David Wilkinson
United States
I recently found myself hitting sixty-five with a little knowledge of a lot of things: applied math, theoretical physics, reservoir engineering, optimization, mathematical finance, and, yes, C++ programming.

Much of this knowledge was gained long ago in former lives, but mathematical finance and C++ go back about 17 years. In these areas I am entirely self-taught, or rather taught by books and the internet, especially the newsgroups.

Through several careers the one constant for me has always been a good fraction of my time spent in programming. I started out with K-autocode and machine language on an English Electric KDF9, then Algol and many, many years with Fortran. I chose to move into C++ because it was the the language that could do everything, in particular both scientific calculations and Windows GUI programs. I even have a web site whose dynamic content is all CGI written in C++. It is only language I really use, though I have recently started doing some personal projects in C# and Javascript.

My current paid programming consists of a few MFC applications (still using VC6, but the development version is in VS2012) and a large cross-platform non-GUI application using VS2008 as the development platform.

My main hobbies these days are care and feeding of my home computer/entertainment  network, and playing around with a couple of Windows 8.1 tablets and my newest toy: a Windows 8.1 phone.

Please feel free to visit my company, Efficient Solutions Inc., at
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