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Donald Hoover
I was hit by my first jolt of electricity at the age of 4, and I have not looked back since. I spent a tour in the US Navy working on F-14 FireControl Systems (weapons and radars) and then transitioned into Civilian jets of all types. I worked on everything from light bulbs to generators to GPS to Satcoms and everything between.  

I have been helping other people with their internet security since shortly after the internet came to my neck of the woods. I started helping people with firewalls and other security procedures. 

I really started helping people in a big way at ZoneAlarms forums, then I went to ComputerCops and stayed with them when they renamed themselves to CastleCops. There I learned the malware removal trade, as well as helped take down phish as part of PIRT. After CatsleCops folded I became active at SpywareHammer both helping folks remove malware of all kinds, and training new malware removal staff. 

I have also been doing much the same work locally. Cleaning computers and teaching people how to stay safe on the internet.
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