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SQL Server
Technical Interests:
ASP.NET/IIS, Visual C#, Windows Platform Development
English, Danish
MCSE: Data Platform, MCSD: Windows Store/Phone/Web
Erik Ejlskov Jensen
.NET Data Development and SQL Server Expert
Erik's main area of expertise is Data Development and SQL Server Compact - he has been working with SQL Server Compact for more than 10 years. 
He has extensive SQL Server experience as well, including performance tuning, Merge replication, configuration and database design. 
He is a moderator of the SQL Server Compact MSDN/Technet forum, answers question on StackoverFlow, and publishes SQL Compact releated code, news and tips on the blog below.  He also contributes to the Open Source Entity Framework project.
He tweets SQL Server Data Development news as @ErikEJ. 
He also manages a number of CodePlex projects relating to SQL Server Compact: (SQL Compact script dump utility and SSMS 2008 add-in) (SQL Compact "equivalent" to sqlcmd) (SQL Compact Bulk Insert library, mimics the SqlBulkCopy API) (SQL Compact scripting (and other) add-in for Visual Studio 2010) (Utility to import .csv files to SQL Server Compact)

He works for Commentor A/S, a Danish consulting company, that specializes in .NET Mobile, ALM, Portal and Cloud
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