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Consumer Security
Technical Interests:
Excel, Enterprise Security, Internet Explorer
French, English, German
Gérard (ipl_001) Mélone
Antimalware Organization in France and in the world through international forums. / Excel classes to end-users. / Computing classes to members of Associations and LETS.
Known on the Web as ipl_001.
I subscribed to Computing.Net in 2001 to help Internet users repair and improve their computers, and get information to better undertand.
I got specialized in antimalware security and became a member of oodles of security forums in France as well as many countries and many languages.
I'm an administrator of Zebulon Security (http// we created there a private lounge where oodles of Francophone Security Advisors meet to always improve our knowledge, level and efficiency; these Advisors participate on various forums to, in addition to repair, teach users how to behave online and avoid malware infections.

Make the Internet more secure so that users can browse freely.

I no longer help users on forums, but rather spend my time organizing things, discussing  with people in charge of infections, on private boards.
I also spend my time learning foreign languages... I'm looking for time for some other passions: a bit of archeology, cultures, genealogy, music, fast walk...

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