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Windows Expert-Consumer
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Windows Consumer Apps, Windows Expert-Consumer, Windows Touch & Tablet PC
James M. Fisher
Microsoft Windows Expert-Consumer MVP
In late '97, I purchased a brand new Pentium 200MMX with 64MB of RAM and a whopping 3.4GB hard drive. Now, I was introduced to Windows 95. OSR2, to be exact. Inquisitive person that I am, I promptly messed something up that required me to pay a local shop good money to reinstall Windows. I vowed to be more careful, but I wanted to know how to fix such things myself. Thus began my journey into the strange, yet wonderful world of the PC.
Next was an upgrade to Windows 98, then 98SE. 
About this time, I was invited by MS to be a beta-tester for Windows Me. Next up was Windows XP and that was pretty exciting to watch its development and have a small part in it. Then it was Service Pack 2 for XP. It was about this time that I developed my website, which keeps me pretty busy.

As for online community participation, I am a member at The Windows Club forums, a "Mod Emeritus" at Calendar of Updates, and a Forum MVP at Scot's Newsletter Forums. 
I also try and provide some support via the Sysnative forums.
It seems I am the 'go-to' type of person at work ("How do I do__ in Excel/Outlook/Word?") and at home with friends and neighbours (installing Office, updating their PCs to Windows 8.1, etc).
I live in Atlantic Canada with my wife and our dog, Dixie.
I work as an MRI and X-Ray Technologist.
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