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Windows Phone
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Xbox, Surface
Dutch, English, German
Mark Briggeman
Back in the days, my first device was a Hewlett Packard 95LX MS-DOS based palmtop. After that I have used almost every iPaq and Windows Mobile device until the most recent Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone which is in fact the best phone ever!

When I was seeking for answers and providing solutions for the other early adopters, I participated in several forums, where I becamea forum administrator and finally Community Leader. I wrote several reviews and articles about the latest Windows Mobile devices and Windows Phones. You can find these at and which is the largest Windows Phone Community in the Netherlands !

I always try to find ways to use Microsoft technology or Windows Phone Products to help me with my daily tasks. I am currently employed as a business consultant where I use all my knowledge to help companies with their complex issues. Together with my Surface Pro2 tablet I am always getting things done!
When the work is done, you can find me riding the trails and mountains on my mountainbike in several countries in Europe.
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