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Windows Expert-Consumer
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Hyper-V, Internet Explorer
Michael Linstead
I reside in a rural area of Western Victoria, Australia.  My wife and I enjoy the quite rural lifestyle and do not wander far from home.   My background is mainly involved with farming and agriculture.   I fell into the MVP program by accident because of an obsession with answering questions (some even correctly) at the forum on  I am a very regular poster in the  Windows 8 forums at Tek-Tips.  You can catch me at,  I go under the handle of "Linney".

I have also been using the same handle to post at "Microsoft Answers" Forum in the Windows 8.1 Forum.

I seem to spend more time in the Microsoft Answers Forum than in Tek-Tips Forum.

I have been doing this forum work for over 10 years (xp, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8), and usually help with about 6 answers each and everyday 7 days per week on my participating forums.  

I also perform computer help in my local community via the phone and may receive up to on average 4 calls per week on various matters. 

I am proud to be a MVP and just like helping people where I can.
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