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Cluster, SQL Server, ASP.NET/IIS
Steven Murawski
Steven is a Senior Windows System Engineer for Edgenet.  In this role, he supports a dynamic infrastructure that pushes the boundaries of the Windows platform.  PowerShell allows him to support this infrastructure in a more consistent and efficient manner.
Previously Steven was the Director of Research and Development for ProPhoenix, a public safety software company. This position allowed him to investigate new and existing technologies and incorporate them into their product line, with the end goal being to help public safety agencies to do their jobs more efficiently and safely.
Steven is an advocate for PowerShell, as he believes it encourages administrative best practices and allows developers to provide additional access to their applications, without needing to explicitly write code for each administrative feature. Part of his advocacy for PowerShell includes his blog -, appearances on various podcasts, and involvement with local user groups (Greater Milwaukee Script Club,and the Greater Milwaukee IT Pro User Community).
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