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Consumer Security
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Developer Security, Enterprise Security, Consumer Security
Takashi Yao (まっちゃだいふく)
2012年より、セキュリティキャンプ企画実行委員としてセキュリティを目指す若者の発掘育成のお手伝いをさせていただき、毎年200名近い学生との交流をしている また、全国各地のセキュリティイベントをサポートし、2000人近い技術者と交流を持ち、セキュリティに興味を持ってもらう活動を続けています。
I have managed the security community named Matcha 139 in Kyoto Japan. 
The information exchange by the workshop and the mailing-list.
Workshop is  held 4 times a year.
practiced aiming at
-END-User security skill
-developer security skill
-System administrator security skill community is workshop and online contents for ITPros.
Kobe IT Security Workshop .supported by Hyogo-Pref. operationg member.

[*]From 2008,I support to hold local workshops in all around the Japan.
-Matcha445 workshop is hold in Tokyo. for IT Security people.
-Hokkaido IT Security workshop is hold in Hokkaido(Sapporo), for IT Security people.
-Security Udon(Kamatama) workshop is hold in Kagawa(Shikoku).
-Sanin ITPro Workshop is hold in Shimane , for ITPro people.
-Shizuoka ITPro workshop is hold in Shizuoka, for ITPro people.
-Hokuriku IT Security workshop is hold in Kanazawa(Ishikawa),for IT Security people.
-Ryukyu Internet Security Workshop will be held in Okinawa,for IT Security People.
-Tohoku IT Security workshop will be held in Sendai(Miyagi) , for IT Security People.
-Japan Secure Operating System users group workshop hold in Tokyo, for IT Security people.
Recent activities