MVP Spotlight

Lluis Franco

Visual C#
Visual C# MVP Lluis Franco got his start in community like so many other MVPs—after getting help online, he began giving back and answering questions himself. From there, his contributions grew, including a webpage, several blogs and pioneering the AndorraDotNet user group in 2007. In 2011, he was recognized by his peers as “C# MVP of the Year.”
When asked what makes him an excellent MVP, Lluis resists the description: “I don’t consider myself an ‘excellent MVP.’ For me being an MVP means a person with some technical skills who is willing to share his knowledge and passion with the community in different ways, helping others that have helped them before. So the most important thing here is having the right attitude. Somebody who considers himself as being better than others because of the MVP Award probably wouldn’t deserve this recognition.”
Born in Barcelona, Spain, Lluis has more than 20 years of experience in the software development sector. He holds a number of Microsoft certifications, including MCP and MCTS, and has been recognized as an MVP for the past nine years.
Lluis currently works as project development manager for a financial services company based in Andorra. Since 2010, he is also the president of the Andorra IT Professionals Virtual Association.
He is a regular host and speaker at local events in Spain, such as the “Geek-A-Paloozaa” Conference that took place last April. He also contributes articles to the technology section of a local newspaper. Lluis is a passionate expert in Visual Studio 2012. “I am in love with C#. For me this is the most beautiful, complete, and powerful programming language ever created. So, therefore, the best software product for me is Visual Studio 2012, the best integrated development environment in history—or at least the best I have ever used; there are many,” he explains.
He argues that the best thing that has happened to him since he became an MVP nearly a decade ago is meeting other members of the community. “There isn’t anything better than a ‘geeks & bier’ meeting,” he concludes.
You can connect with Lluis on Facebook at or follow him on Twitter @ Or you can read his blog: