MVP Spotlight

Kyunghee Ko

Internet Explorer
College lecturer and author of more than 55 books on Internet technology, Internet Explorer MVP Kyunghee Ko didn’t think three years ago she had what it took to be an MVP. “I believed that only developers and perfect people could become MVPs,” she explained.
Now in her second year as an awardee, Kyunghee is enjoying the experience and sharing her enthusiasm for technology with others. She continues to write, helping her readers quickly and easily grasp the finer points of subjects ranging from Microsoft Windows and Office to Web technology. She also enjoys lecturing at MVP seminars in addition to her contributions on college campuses.
These contributions to community have an impact on how people use technology and their quality of life. One of the audience members of a lecture of Kyunghee’s on Web accessibility for the disabled, who was severely disabled, later became employed monitoring Web accessibility. Like many MVPs, Kyunghee hears from members of the community who thank her for helping them, like the elderly reader living in the United States who sent her an email asking a question about Windows. She later got back in touch with Kyunghee to brag that she had become comfortable using email and Windows.
Kyunghee received her undergraduate degree in computer engineering from the Hongik University in Korea and did her graduate studies there in computer engineering artificial intelligence.
Today she is most interested in HTML5 and Web accessibility. “Since web accessibility is the field that has been discussed in HTML5 and the one that Korea needs to improve on, I have engaged W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative online,” she explained.
These days she also believes, “Non-developers and non-perfect people like me can become MVPs. When you become an MVP, you can get lots of help from great people and improve.”
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