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Hui Li

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Since 2002, Hui Li has been committed to the researches and training on Microsoft Office family products and introducing Microsoft Office technologies via community lectures. Through four years’ continuous contributions and efforts in the Office communities, he found that the value of Microsoft MVP has been recognized significantly by users. In 2006, he applied for this MVP honor and was awarded then. Since the first time became a special Office lecturer in Microsoft in 2002, he has always delivered the newest features of Office products with his greatest passions and actively promoted Office and the latest technologies within the communities. Meanwhile, he received public recognition and applause from people within the communities. By sharing technical experience with others, he has continuously drawn the feedbacks and suggestions from people within the communities, which enabled him to keep improving his lecture skills and writing skills, and also motivated him to learn new technologies and products, thus improving his technical competencies.
In 2002, Hui Li became self-employed. He started an IT service company and he was the general manager. So far, the company has been operating for more than 10 years, being a technical service provider of Microsoft, Cisco, DOLBY and Lenovo. While operating his own company, in spare time, Hui Li would also actively share knowledge about Office products within the communities. Since the first time he became a Microsoft special Office lecturer in 2002, he has participated in all the product launch conferences of Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 in China. With his company, he has provided more than 10 years’ research and technical services in the field of Microsoft Office System. His knowledge domains and service scopes also extend along with the continuous innovation of Microsoft Office products. For every innovative technology and efficient application, he is enthusiastic about delivering it to everyone around.

Since the first time he was recognized as a MVP, Hui Li h
as won this honor for 6 consecutive years. The MVP honor made him more focused on researching and sharing the Office product expertise and also made him clear about his technical directions, that is, to research, promote and spread the Office product technologies. Becoming a MVP, he had more chances to come into direct contact with Microsoft. Later, he was invited to participate in the product launch conferences of Office 2007/2010/2013 editions and the product demonstrations. He gave a keynote speech at the TechEd China. When participating in these Office events, he would always feel the honor and glory from being a MVP at every time when he heard “lecture by MVP Hui Li”.
In 2012, as a senior technical lecturer and community leader in Tianjin City, he participated in the Microsoft Office 2013 product launch conference and city-touring, Microsoft TechEd technical conference, Microsoft TechNet Web broadcast and more than 30 MVP community lectures, with over 5,000 audiences. From 2012 to now, he has already assisted in organizing two MVP community lecture activities, introducing to the communities the latest technologies of the New Office. Whether he’s giving a community lecture or introducing Office courses at TechED, Hui Li was always one of the most popular lecturers. Now, Hui Li is also the technical director and principal lecturer for Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience in China. In the past one year, he accomplished almost 100 Microsoft CIE activities, in which more than 500 enterprises and nearly 2,000 people have participated.
Interactively, they came to know about the new product and gain the first perception about its application scenarios and Microsoft solutions. As a consultant and writer, Hui Li, commissioned by China State Education Commission Test Center, took part in compiling and planning the examination syllabus, official textbooks and examination papers of National Computer Rank Examination (NCRE) Grade Two (Office) and included the new version of Microsoft Office in the NCRE examination syllabus.