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Xavier Vanneste
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Xavier Vanneste

SharePoint Server
Xavier, who has been an IT enthusiast for over a decade, is a consultant, architect and developer using Microsoft technologies, for which he has numerous certifications.
Once starting work with SharePoint 2003, Xavier was immediately impressed with the tool's capabilities: "SharePoint is becoming the heart of the information system because it's not only a platform for exchange and collaboration, but it also allows all of the knowledge within the organization to be centralized." It was this early passion for SharePoint that naturally led him to join the SharePoint specialist community through contributions to blogs, seminars and forums. "What I appreciate in those communities is the involvement and spirit of sharing among the participants – being part of the community often allows you to find answers to questions, whether they're technical or more general in nature."
In 2007, Xavier became technical director at ICT7, the company at which he would become SharePoint Server MVP on January 1st, 2011: "If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to become an MVP, it would be to remain very accessible and humble: there are no experts, no seniors or juniors – only enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge and experience".
He has been contributing to the SharePoint User Groups in France (UGSF) and Luxembourg (SPLUG) since 2010, where he has run a number of sessions, namely on search engine functionality within SharePoint and, in particular, Microsoft Fast Search.
Xavier has made Fast Search a real field of expertise, even long before it became an indispensable part of SharePoint 2013 – and his contributions have identified him as one of the top technical experts in Europe, as well as being a Fast Search V-TSP for SharePoint since 2011.
Xavier has a permanent web presence, particularly through his very popular blog dedicated to SharePoint.
In 2012, in order to be able to contribute more actively to the community, Xavier collaborated with other MVPs to set up the Conf’SharePoint association. Their goal is to organize the first conference in France fully dedicated to SharePoint and the event will be held from 22 to 24 May 2013 in Marne-la-Vallée. Currently, the call for contributions and pre-registration is currently open and there are only a few remaining spots for corporate partners. Please visit for more information.
More than anything else, Xavier feels that development is in his soul: "I can't help it. I'm coding morning, noon, and night, much to the exasperation of my wife and five kids".
Xavier has made two extensions for SharePoint available on CodePlex, including the Thumbnail Extender for SharePoint and the Pivot Viewer for SharePoint. SharePoint 2013 has made Xavier even more of a SharePoint enthusiast than ever, inspired by the ability to develop apps and contribute to the Microsoft Office Store. He comments that his work includes "...not just SharePoint applications, but also apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8, applications that are already out there and those still to come...".