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Rene Schulte
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Rene Schulte

Windows Phone Development
Rene Schulte has been a Windows Phone developer right from the start and has developed numerous award-winning apps. In addition to his distinction as a Microsoft MVP, his community work has been recognized repeatedly with nominations as a Nokia Developer Champion. Rene has been active in the community for many years. He blogs  about Windows Phone, .NET topics and Windows development in general on the site “Kodierer" and also writes specialist articles. He is a regular speaker at various events, for example, the Windows Phone launch events organized by Nokia and Microsoft. He is also a member of the jury at Mobile Development competitions (Microsoft Imagine Cup, Core77) and at AppCampus. Rene has written open source libraries for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows 8 WinRT development including WriteableBitmapEx or the Augmented Reality library,SLARToolKit, which he maintains regularly.

He has twice received the MVP award for Silverlight which represented a "new and exciting technology" for him at the time. "Since I was always keen on real-time computer graphics, computer vision and physical simulation, I wanted to implement these using Silverlight and to share my knowledge", says Rene. With the first CTP (Customer Technology Preview) release of the Windows Phone SDK, Rene's focus shifted to Windows Phone development. In April this year, he was awarded the MVP title for the second time in the Windows Phone Development category. With his company, Schulte Software Development, Rene has developed on a part-time basis such well-known apps as
Pictures Lab, Face Lens, Funny Faces, Helium Voice, Cloud Recorder and many more. He manages to combine the complicated fields of computer graphics, image processing and computer vision with easy usability. From his home in Dresden, Rene works for IdentityMine, an interactive design, software development and user experience (UX) agency headquartered in Seattle, USA. "If it hadn't been for my MVP community work and my apps, I would certainly never have received the offer from IdentityMine." Rene is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community and is delighted that, as an MVP, he frequently receives direct requests for help from the community. "You should be active in the community because you're happy to share your expertise and because you enjoy it. And never because you’re looking to win this award,” is Rene's advice to all budding MVPs.

A personal highlight for Rene is the MVP Summit as it often provides the opportunity to experience some memorable moments. "This year, my Windows Phone development product group organized a pub crawl in Seattle which was a lot of fun. At each stop, I checked in virtually with my Windows Phone. Somebody asked me on Twitter how long we were going to be out for. He then joined us at the last pub and it turned out that the guy was working as a developer on the camera features for the Windows Phone team, which is exactly the area that I concentrate on."