MVP Spotlight

David Dong

Windows Phone Development
David Dong has been a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) at Microsoft for 7 years. In April 2008, he was awarded as an ASP.NET MVP and his extraordinary research and contribution to Windows Phone have rewarded him as a Windows Phone Development MVP consecutively over the last three years.  
David comments, "Being an MVP has affected and changed my life and career in many facets. The Award symbolizes that Microsoft recognizes the continuous efforts that I put into the relevant technologies. Not only is it an honor for Taiwan, but for Asia. In addition to the confidence the clients now have on my services and expertise, I can have more interactions with Microsoft and dialogue with other members of the MVP community, where technologies are shared and discussed in depth.  Learning and teaching are mutually beneficiary, which is extremey valuable for me."
Well-known in his industry, David frequently collaborates Microsoft, is a key lecturer for our company’s product-related courses and at TechDays. Whenever David has designed a course, the classes are immediately booked with excited attendees. David enjoys interacting with the attendees and his passion for sharing is felt by all. In addition to offering lectures and publishing books, David is also an active blogger and maintains a positive interaction in the community by replying to customer questions with much enthusiasm.
David feels that the MVP Award is how Microsoft recognizes and supports technical experts. The program, he adds, responds to their continuous efforts, knowledge sharing and perseverance. It encourages individuals to see the award as a direction, goal and which presents the most rewarding opportunity to network.   
David often inspires the attendees with the following advice: "Where you spend your time is where your credit comes from."