MVP Spotlight

Laurent Gébeau

Software Packaging, Deployment & Servicing
After attending the BBS in the early 90s, then frequenting the internet in the mid-90s in order to discuss technologies, Software Packaging, Deployment & Servicing MVP Laurent Gebeau joined the Microsoft newsgroups in the late 90s.
But it was only after he attended the Windows 2000 launch event in France that he decided to share his experience on a website.
Therefore, after a few years of presence on the web, the choice  his domain name was fast: (which roughly translates to “All about Windows” in English), because Laurent proposes a mix of his expertises on his website: from a guided tour of Windows for consumer users, through the discovery of Microsoft tools dedicated to photos, to the sharing of professional experiences: domain migration, virtualization, Active Directory and Office 365, Laurent really is all about Windows.
When Microsoft began to develop tools for processing photos for the general public such as Photo Gallery or Image Composite Editor, Laurent tested and published guides for these tools on various websites and in the press.
The flagship was Photosynth that is and remains a benchmark in the field of assembling photos, with the aim of making panoramas and virtual tours of places.
On several occasions, some panoramas or assembly photos created by Laurent were among the most viewed on the Photosynth site.
In 2004, when Laurent obtained his first MVP title, and every year since then, he participated in many community events, contributing to the success of meetings and discussions between MVPs and Microsoft employees.
Thanks also to the numerous exchanges between MVPs, Laurent has co-authored  several books, eBooks and articles in the specialized press.
After having worked for almost 15 years in various companies as a technician (including Microsoft support in 1994-95), then as an IT manager, in particular for a well-known camera manufacturer, Laurent joined the world of entrepreneurship, with the creation of his company: AxePerf.
Within AxePerf, Laurent shares his experience and expertise of Microsoft technologies and provides tools for SMEs that have been used for several years by big companies. The company also provides services to enterprise clients in the virtualization, Active Directory and Cloud (Office 365, InTune) areas.
The MVP Global Summit, to which Laurent has participated already nine times, without counting the upcoming Summit of November 2013, is a major event that allows great meetings with the creators of products that Laurent speaks and deals with often, such as Photosynth.

"The MVP Global Summit in Seattle brings always intense moments, rich in encounters, where you can find products and technologies, but also people full of skills and experiences. It is always a time that requests a significant investment, but that allows us to go back with our heads full of photos, projects and ideas..."
The TechDays in Paris are also a major event that Laurent has never missed, and that allows him to discover new solutions and meet MVPs, Microsoft employees, partners and customers.

"I would like to conclude by thanking all the people I've met over the years at Microsoft events. Some of them became friends, people I meet regularly and with whom I share rich, professional and knowledge-sharing experiences."