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Matteo Pagani

Windows Phone Development
Windows Phone Development MVP Matteo Pagani discovered the community world in 2010, thanks to some new colleagues that were part of the MVP family and started to involve him in their activities. Thanks to his strong passion about the mobile world, he connected with Windows Phone from the first announcement; he immediately found himself at home, thanks to a fresh and innovative user experience and a great developer experience, which allows him to reuse the skills acquired during his years as a .NET developer.
His experience with the community world started with his first blog in Italian, where he published tutorials and articles about developing applications for Windows Phone. He continued to grow those contributions in the next years, by opening an English blog; by speaking at many community events and conferences; by publishing the first Italian book about Windows Phone 8 development; and by becoming a Nokia Developer Champion.
After some years working on the Windows Phone platform, Matteo had the chance to turn his passion into a real job: first a web developer, he is now a software engineer in Funambol, part of the team that develops the Windows Phone client for the cloud services offered by the company.
Becoming a Windows Phone Development MVP in 2011 was not just a great honor, but it also gave him the chance to turn his passion into real ideas, thanks to the support he received from Microsoft and from the communities.
One of the best experiences he has had as an MVP was possible because of that kind of support, which made it possible to organize the Windows Phone Week. Born as a simple and crazy idea by three MVP friends from different countries (Matteo Pagani for Italy, Joost Van Schaik for The Netherlands and Rodolpho Marques Do Carmo for Brazil), with the purpose to expand their passion outside the national borders, it quickly turned into a global event. Thanks to the support provided by Microsoft, Nokia and local communities all around the world, during October 2013 more than 20 countries hosted an event about Windows Phone Development, attracting more than 3000 people.
There is a growing interest about the new mobile platform by Microsoft, thus more and more people are looking for resources and information about how to develop an application and how to leverage all the main Windows Phone features. For this reason, the community activities on which Matteo is focused right now are dedicated both to support new developers (that are taking their first steps) and experienced developers (which need to go deeper and to know how to make good use of all the features offered by the platform).
An example of these kind of activities is the new webinar initiative, which became possible thanks to the support of Nokia and the Italian Nokia Developer Champions. From September to December 2013, Matteo and other champions are regularly offering live webinars about different topics connected to Windows Phone development. The initiative started to cover the basic concepts (like the tools and the user experience) and it will go on until the end of the year to propose more advanced topics.