MVP Spotlight

Ockert du Preez

Visual Basic
South Africa
Visual Basic MVP Hannes (AKA. Ockert J. du Preez) has been actively engaged with the community since 1998. He has been involved with CodeGuru since 2001 and with VBForums since 2003. He had initially decided to join a forum in July 2001 because he had a problem that he couldn’t resolve. “The fellows over at CG have helped me with so much friendliness, professionalism and knowledge that I decided to stick around. Since then I have accumulated almost 11,000 posts on CodeGuru and 1500 posts on VBForums.” In 2007 he was appointed moderator of the VB.NET forums on CodeGuru. Also he has been writing articles for CodeGuru since 2005 and says “I love writing articles, helping people as well as I get great joy in explaining topics to my students. My aim was to help people get to the point of understanding the .NET Framework properly based on my own experience.”
He is a trainer at National Computer College Vereeniging (South Africa) since 1998. He provides sessions on the following languages: Visual Basic 5 – 6, Visual Basic.NET, C, C++, C#, Java, HTML 4-5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, VBScript, SQL and ASP.NET. He also implements all the software solutions for his company, ranging from websites to student registration systems and exam monitoring systems.
Hannes believes that the MVP Program has given him a sense of direction as well as a sense of purpose. “It has helped me to be more modest and remember my roots as an aspiring software developer. This realization has helped me help students in such a basic way that they can also become great developers one day. It has inspired me since 2008, when I first became a Visual Basic .NET MVP to go further with helping my students and to help more often on the forums. With every year I try to write as many useful articles from my own experience and from my own perspective as I can.”
Nowadays along with his teaching he is more active on the online-community side. Apart from helping people on the forums, he continues to write articles based on Windows 8 / 8.1 development. “I write about Windows Phone 8, and all the new features of Visual Studio 2013 RC. I try to make the developer’s transition from earlier versions of .NET to newer features easier based on my own experiences.”
Hannes states that he has at least 1 favorite MVP moment every year if not more: “1st July 2008. This is the date I first became an MVP. So for the past six years, every time I get renewed it brings me great joy. It makes me realize that I am doing something important. Seeing the moment when a student understands a topic, or getting a simple “Thank you” from a forum member gives me great joy every time it happens.”