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Gian Maria Ricci
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Gian Maria Ricci

Visual Studio ALM
Gian Maria Ricci began his activity in the community in late 2005 , when he got more actively in touch with the Italian UgiDotNet community. Meeting so many other people who, like him, shared a passion for technology and for programming led him to start his first blog in Italian in 2006 which was later followed by another blog in English. Being part of a community gave him the opportunity to get acquainted with different ideas and ways of working which allowed him to broaden his views and to increase his knowledge. He established the DotNetMarche community along with other local enthusiasts during this same year. Through this community he helps to organize several events revolving around .NET and not .NET technologies.
Gian Maria has always worked as a consultant and teacher for everything that is linked to Windows environment development and, especially, .NET technology over the years. This allowed him to range from industrial desktop applications that interface with hardware to web applications that interface with social platforms, using SQL Server as well as NoSQL technologies like Mongo or Solr. Over time, his interest in an agile programming led him to be increasingly convinced that the success of a project is primarily based on it being properly managed. This is how, in 2007, he became very involved with Team Foundation Server, the Microsoft product dedicated to ALM management. This passion led him to attain his first MVP award for the Team System (later renamed Visual Studio ALM) area of expertise in 2009.
Being an MVP further strengthened his passion for communities and gave him the opportunity to be the speaker at several local and Italian events, where he led sessions on ALM topics. In 2013 he established the GetLatestVersion online community together with his MVP friends Matteo Emili and Igor Antonacci. This community is fully dedicated to ALM issues and specifically to Team Foundation Server. Its main objective is to establish a hub for all of the ALM matters that are too often neglected in Italy.
Visual Studio Online’s rebranding and the growing interest in Team Foundation Server have generated a greater need for the type of support that is offered by this community in order to share technical knowledge and to expand the pool of people with whom to share ideas and projects. 2014 therefore begins with an event organized by DomusDotNet which is entirely dedicated to ALM and that will take place in Rome. During the event, Gian Maria will talk about Git support to TFS and how to better manage Team Project with TFS . Other events will follow this one in the coming months, along with online articles that will be published on MSDN Italy regarding specific issues.
Gian Maria states that his first MVP Summit in Redmond WA, was definitely one of his best times as an MVP because it allowed him to meet the TFS and Visual Studio team as well as all of the other MVPs. Being able to talk and exchange ideas with people like him that have been working for many years in the industry, is an unparalleled opportunity for growth, especially because it allows to discover how ALM issues are viewed and evaluated by other countries and cultures.