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Luis Fraile
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Luis Fraile

Visual Studio ALM
Luis began taking part in the community in around 2005, coinciding with the first version of the former Team System 2005. He had already been working on agile methodologies  in the .Net environment since 2003. "I was fortunate enough to coincide with a great team on a project with Microsoft," he says, "And when Team System came out I saw that everything I was already familiar with could be applied in this new tool and I found that extremely interesting...". And so he began actively participating in forums, giving talks and lectures, entering into contact with groups of users. "I wanted everyone to find out about these tools and share my enthusiasm for them".
Luis has been engaged in software development since 1999 and has worked for different companies, as an independent professional, a project manager, in implementation, etc... He loves remembering his time with the Renacimiento team, to whom he is very grateful, in particular the people he worked with during that period. Now he faces a new professional challenge in the form of VS Anywhere, an extension of Visual Studio that allows for collaboration in development teams distributed both within the IDE itself and via a web browser, in real time with other developers, and which is being very well received.
His recognition as MVP has enabled him to meet and collaborate with a great many people, giving him fantastic experience both on a personal and on a professional level, connecting him to people all over the world. "The group of MVPs from Visual Studio is impressive on all levels, like the people from the Microsoft Product Group, they are always ready to collaborate with us," says Luis.
Luis can be seen frequently giving talks and lectures in different events organized by the Visual Studio technical community or by Microsoft. At present he is trying to relaunch the Madrid.Net users' group, in which he forms part of the coordination team. He frequently holds Hangouts with people interested in talking about ALM and development methodologies in general.
It is very easy to contact him on Twitter, where he shares content on Visual Studio ALM, and through his blog. Also, he loves meeting new people and is always willing to collaborate on events geared towards the community.
Luis excitedly remembers his early experiences as MVP, like the arrival of the first welcome e-mail and in particular his first MVP Global Summit: "I was used to reading blogs, books, articles etc. by certain people like Brian Harry, Buck Hodges or Sam Guckenheimer, among others. And having the opportunity to attend their talks and sit down to talk to them was incredible for me!