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Laurent Miltgen-Delinchamp
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Laurent Miltgen-Delinchamp

Office 365 MVP Laurent Miltgen-Delinchamp is very passionate about new technologies and is always looking to share his enthusiasm and knowledge. Early on, when he was only at college, he discovered the programmable calculators TI-57, TI-59 and the famous HP43C and HP41, quickly developing a passion for computing. He then started to run the computer club in his region on Apple, Oric, Sinclair and CP/M platforms, becoming vice-president of the association. This passion for volunteering, helping others and sharing knowledge would never leave him.
When he was a teenager, he put his passion for computer science on hold a little bit, in order to devote himself to another passion, music. However, he quickly came back to programming and computers through the machines MSX, the famous Atari 520 ST and some Yamaha samplers. Naturally, after his studies, he decided to start his own computer business. It began by taking care of all the computers for a telematics site in Brussels, Belgium, and he discovered networks, e-mail and BBS, sites on sharing and exchanging information, to which they used to connect by modem, the ancestors of websites. It was also there that he began working on personal computers with MS-DOS, Windows and Microsoft Office products. Then the internet appeared, and he foresaw its potential.
In the mid-90s, Laurent moved to Paris where he found a job through an advertisement on a newsgroup. He worked as manager of the software engineering division for a company specializing in the localization of computer products in French. This is where he really entered into the Microsoft world, by participating in the localization of many products such as Windows NT, Windows 98, Exchange Server, Visual Studio, Money, Office or Internet Explorer, as well as games like Motocross Madness or Close Combat, multimedia products like the Encarta Encyclopedia and websites such as MSN. After this experience and with his strong knowledge of Microsoft server products and technologies, he became  a consultant, specializing in messaging projects, first as a technical specialist, then as a project manager and program manager for several CAC40 companies like the Airbus group and Accor. Nowadays, he manages the Microsoft Online Services solutions for the Gfi group and works particularly on products like Office 365, Windows Intune and Microsoft Azure.
Alongside his professional career, he continued to invest himself in community associations and activities. In this framework, in 2006 he founded the Windows Vista User Group (GUWiV) which brought together thousands and thousands of users. It was through this experience that Laurent discovered the MVP Award and user groups, becoming an MVP for the first time in 2007 with an expertise in Windows. Also in 2007, he became one of the founders of the French branch of the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) of which he is still a board member and in charge of the relations with institutions and of information technologies.
He discovered Seattle and the Global MVP Summit in 2008. The same year, he participated in the foundation of the Windows Server User Group (GUWiSe) of which he took the leadership, and in 2010 he founded the Microsoft Online Services Community of Users (Cumulos), around Microsoft cloud services (Office 365, Windows Intune, Microsoft Azure). From 2011 onwards, Laurent has been awarded in the Office 365 expertise. The three Summits in which he has participated in this area of ​​expertise have been very enriching, especially the time he was invited to visit a Microsoft datacenter.  
Moreover, he co-launched in 2008, together with other two people, the concept of the Microsoft Community Afterworks, a monthly social event originally taking place in Paris that has now spread to all regions of France. He has also been one of the two founders of the shared blogging platform "Dans Ton Cloud" which comprises the blogs of a dozen of other MVPs and offers them free hosting on a 100% Microsoft environment. To provide a framework to his activities, he launched the association, with the participation of several other members of Microsoft communities. This association, of which Laurent is the president, is the legal structure that now oversees the Microsoft Community Afterworks in Paris as well as in the regions. It was this association that organized the event ReBuild Nantes in 2013, thanks to the dynamism of its vice president and MVP Kevin Trelohan. The 2013 edition of the event has been a real success and the 2014 edition is on track. The association is also dedicated to help students, the unemployed and the elderly in the discovery of software tools.