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Matthieu Mezil
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Matthieu Mezil

Visual C#
Matthieu works at Infinite Square in Paris, France as a meta-programming, C# and Entity Framework expert. For him being a developer is more a passion than a job.
When he was a teenager, Matthieu dreamt to work at Microsoft in Redmond. He studied computer sciences and, during his studies, he had the opportunity to uses C# to develop an application for Dassault Systèmes in 2002 where he was intern and he jumped on it to learn this new language.
It was the beginning of a love story and Matthieu only looked at job in C# when he ended his studies.
After 2 years working for a software editor, he saw some MSDN videos published by Microsoft France and he realized he could do so much better that what he did. To improve his skills, he joined a Microsoft specialist consulting company. When he came, Matthieu never heard about MVP program. Few months after coming, company MVPs went to Seattle for MVP Summit and he decided to become an MVP too. One year later, in 2008 he becomes an MVP.
The next MVP Summit was on April, the week of Monday 14th. His wife should give birth to their second child for April 10th and Matthieu was very disappointed to not coming to the MVP summit. However, his wonderful wife told to doctors to have their baby 11 days previously in order to let him go to the MVP summit. And he went to his first summit in April 2008. Then he also came to every following MVP summits. In addition, Matthieu loves the WA state and he jumps on each occasion to flight to Seattle.
Matthieu developed a strong expertize in C# and Entity Framework. Based on his community work on EF, Matthieu was Data Platform Development MVP of the year in 2011. So for the 2011 MVP summit he was at MVP of the year dinner. There, he told to Soma and to Scott Guthrie that he wants to come in Redmond to work for Microsoft for his vacations and he was able to work with Roslyn team before the first public CTP.
It was a very exciting experience, which really changed a lot his way to work. Indeed, it allows Matthieu to discover Roslyn and to understand how powerful it could be. Based on his understanding and on his vision about the future, Matthieu develops a solution named WAQS ( that is, in his opinion, a revolution with a major impact on the way to develop an application and it would just not be possible without Roslyn.
With WAQS, Matthieu built a solution that demonstrates why Meta-Programming will become more and more important in the following years (thanks to Roslyn).
This project, the network he built in each MVP Summit and in different community actions help him to travel a lot to speak about Meta-Programming mainly (he also often speaks about Entity Framework). He spoke in many countries in Europe, in the US, in Canada, in Israel and also in Palestine.
Based on his community activity, he became C# MVP of the year in November 2013 MVP Summit, for his birthday.
Matthieu strongly recommends to any passionate developer to try to become an MVP. He worked very hard to achieve all he did but he knows how Microsoft and MVP program particularly help him to improve his skills and how it had a major impact on the man he is today.