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  • Vlad Catrinescu
    Vlad Catrinescu
    SharePoint Server , Canada
    SharePoint Server MVP Vlad Catrinescu
  • Trevor Sullivan
    Trevor Sullivan
    PowerShell , United States
    PowerShell MVP Trevor Sullivan
  • Roberto Freato
    Roberto Freato
    Microsoft Azure , Italy
    Roberto Freato, MVP Microsoft Azure - Italy
  • Mickaël Mottet
    Mickaël Mottet
    Microsoft Azure , France
    Mickaël Mottet, MVP Microsoft Azure - France
  • Carsten Rachfahl
    Carsten Rachfahl
    Hyper-V , Germany
    To Hyper-V MVP Carsten Rachfahl, Community is extremely important
  • Fujio Kojima
    Fujio Kojima
    Visual C# , Japan
    Fujio Kojima, Microsoft MVP for Visual C#
  • Gianni Rosa Gallina
    Gianni Rosa Gallina
    Windows Embedded , Italy
    Gianni Rosa Gallina, MVP Windows Embedded - Italy
  • Beppe Platania
    Beppe Platania
    Windows Embedded , Italy
    Beppe Platania, MVP Windows Embedded - Italy
  • Sarah Dutkiewicz
    Sarah Dutkiewicz
    Visual C# , United States
    Visual C# MVP Sarah Dutkiewicz
  • Greg Low
    Greg Low
    SQL Server , Australia
    Greg Low, MVP SQL Server – Australia
  • Makoto Nishimura
    Makoto Nishimura
    Windows Platform Development , Japan
    Makoto Nishimura, Windows Platform Development MVP,putting energy on the mentorship for young generation
  • Damir Dobric
    Damir Dobric
    Microsoft Azure , Germany
    Passionate Software Developer Damir Dobric loves to pass on his long-term experience sharing it with the community and students
  • Ed Bott
    Ed Bott
    Windows Expert-IT Pro , United States
    Windows Expert – IT Pro MVP Ed Bott
  • Martin Geuss
    Martin Geuss
    Windows Expert-Consumer , Germany
    Martin Geuss, Windows Expert – Consumer MVP
  • Adnan Hendricks
    Adnan Hendricks
    Windows Expert-IT Pro , Netherlands
    Inspiring People to Do Their Best, Windows Expert-IT Pro MVP Adnan Hendricks
  • Alvise Cervellati
    Alvise Cervellati
    Windows Expert-Consumer , Italy
    Alvise Cervellati, MVP Windows Expert Consumer - Italy
  • Mourad Louha
    Mourad Louha
    Excel , Germany
    Mourad Louha, Excel MVP
  • Nori Fox
    Nori Fox
    Xbox , United States
    Xbox MVP Nori Fox
  • Martina Niebuhr
    Martina Niebuhr
    Xbox , Germany
    Martina Niebuhr, Xbox MVP, Germany
  • Antonio Sánchez
    Antonio Sánchez
    Xbox , Spain
    Antonio Sánchez, XBox MVP, Spain
  • Matthieu Mezil
    Matthieu Mezil
    Visual C# , France
    Matthieu Mezil, MVP Visual C# - France
  • Alessandro del Sole
    Alessandro del Sole
    Visual Basic , Italy
    Alessandro Del Sole, MVP Visual Basic - France
  • Laurent Miltgen-Delinchamp
    Laurent Miltgen-Delinchamp
    Office365 , France
    Laurent Miltgen-Delinchamp MVP Office 365 - France
  • Ryosuke Uemoto
    Ryosuke Uemoto
    Office System , Japan
    Ryosuke Uemoto, MVP Office System
  • Lars Keller
    Lars Keller
    Client Development , Germany
    Lars Keller is speaker, blogger, app developer and leader of INETA Germany and the .NET Developer Group Braunschweig. It is easy to tell how much value he adds to the German speaking community!
  • Dan C. Ardelean
    Dan C. Ardelean
    Client Development , Italy
    Dan C. Ardelean, MVP Client Development, Italy
  • Samuel López Trenado
    Samuel López Trenado
    Windows Expert-IT Pro , Spain
    Windows Expert - ITPro MVP Samuel López Trenado
  • Ed Horley
    Ed Horley
    Windows Expert-IT Pro , United States
    Windows Expert—IT Pro MVP Ed Horley
  • Cédric Bravo
    Cédric Bravo
    Hyper-V , France
    Cédric Bravo, MVP Hyper-V- France
  • Benedict Berger
    Benedict Berger
    Hyper-V , Germany
    10 Years ago Benedict started writing in the newsgroups where he was repeatedly looking for technical advice. Over the course of time, he started giving technical advice to the community in various online forums.
  • Loïc Thobois
    Loïc Thobois
    Hyper-V , France
    Loïc Thobois, MVP Hyper-V - France
  • Raphael Koellner
    Raphael Koellner
    Office365 , Germany
    Raphael has been active in the MVP community since July 2013 and was overwhelmed when he received the Award as Office 365 MVP.
  • Damir Dizdarevic
    Damir Dizdarevic
    Windows Server for Small and Medium Business , Bosnia-Herzegovina
    Cloud OS MVP Roadshow events by Damir Dizdarevic
  • Silvio Di Benedetto
    Silvio Di Benedetto
    System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management , Italy
    System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP Silvio Di Benedetto started to collaborate with the community in 2006.
  • Schabse Laks
    Schabse Laks
    Visual C# , United States
    US Visual #C MVP Schabse Laks
  • Dr. Ahmed Bahaa
    Dr. Ahmed Bahaa
    Visual Studio ALM , Egypt
    Presented a session in one of the biggest Visual Studio Launch events
  • Luis Fraile
    Luis Fraile
    Visual Studio ALM , Spain
    Luis Fraile is a great expert in agile methodologies who is always willing to collaborate with the Visual Studio community, give talks and help other developers to improve the lifecycle of their applications.
  • Olivier Matis
    Olivier Matis
    Visual C# , Belgium
    Olivier Matis, MVP Visual C# - Belgique
  • Gian Maria Ricci
    Gian Maria Ricci
    Visual Studio ALM , Italy
    Visual Studio ALM MVP Gian Maria Ricci
  • Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell
    ASP.NET/IIS , Canada
    Canada ASP.NET/IIS MVP
  • Ockert du Preez
    Ockert du Preez
    Visual Basic , South Africa
    Visual Basic MVP Hannes (AKA. Ockert J. du Preez) has been actively engaged with the community since 1998.
  • Walter Wong
    Walter Wong
    Developer Security , Malaysia
    Developer Security MVP Walter Wong
  • Christian Nagel
    Christian Nagel
    Visual C# , Austria
    Christian is a perfectionist when it comes to writing innovative apps and deep dive books. He loves to surprise with creative ideas in his sessions.
  • Laurent Gébeau
    Laurent Gébeau
    Software Packaging, Deployment & Servicing , France
    Laurent Gébeau, MVP Windows Deployment- France
  • Matteo Pagani
    Matteo Pagani
    Windows Phone Development , Italy
    Windows Phone Development MVP Matteo Pagani discovered the community world in 2010, thanks to some new colleagues that were part of the MVP family and started to involve him in their activities.
  • Nino Crudele
    Nino Crudele
    Microsoft Integration , Italy
    The first time Microsoft Integration MVP Nino Crudele came in contact with BizTalk Server was in 2004.
  • Tomokazu Kizawa
    Tomokazu Kizawa
    Windows Expert-IT Pro , Japan
    Windows Expert IT-Pro MVP Tomokazu Kizawa has been working as an influencer for Windows-based Microsoft products, focusing on “introducing Microsoft technology and products in an easy, enjoyable way.”
  • Mark Kreuzer
    Mark Kreuzer
    OneNote , Germany
    Mark Kreuzer loves to convince others to abandon paper and instead use OneNote and Windows Tablets.
  • Barb Bowman
    Barb Bowman
    Windows Entertainment and Connected Home , United States
    Since “the beginning of time,” MVP Barb Bowman has been paying it forward and helping others not just get answers but solve problems.
  • Takae Sakushima
    Takae Sakushima
    Windows Expert-Consumer , Japan
    Takae began participating in forums seriously since becoming an MVP and her avatar shown on the forum page is now widely recognized by forum users.
  • Andreas Erle
    Andreas Erle
    Windows Phone Consumer , Germany
    Andreas Erle is passionately sharing his knowledge about Windows Phone with the community, whether on his well-known Website World of PPC, in books, magazines or in the Forums on Microsoft Community.
  • Donma Hsu
    Donma Hsu
    Visual C# , Taiwan
    With lots of senior experts’ encouragement, Donma Hsu actively started participating in technical community activities in 2010.
  • Cindy Meister
    Cindy Meister
    VSTO , Switzerland
    Cindy has been active in online Communities since 1996 when, due to an accident that immobilized her for a time, she discovered CompuServe and the Microsoft Office forums hosted there.
  • Mark Libman
    Mark Libman
    Xbox , Australia
    Mark Libman is a Microsoft XBOX MVP and Executive Producer of OzBoxLive Radio. He has been working on OzBoxLive for over 6 years and is continually trying to improve it and help the Australian Xbox Community get involved. You can check out his Podcast and Website at
  • Pierre Vivier-Merle
    Pierre Vivier-Merle
    SharePoint Server , France
    Pierre Vivier-merle, MVP SharePoint Server - France
  • Akira Hatsune
    Akira Hatsune
    Visual Basic , Japan
    Akira Hatsune started his activity in the community - the community was rather quiet and niched compared to what we are seeing now.
  • Alberto Población
    Alberto Población
    Visual C# , Spain
    Alberto Población, Visual C# MVP, Spain
  • Barbara Henhapl
    Barbara Henhapl
    Project , Austria
    Barbara Henhapl, MVP Project – Austria
  • Arnaud Petitjean
    Arnaud Petitjean
    PowerShell , France
    Arnaud Petitjean, Powershell MVP, France
  • Rand Morimoto
    Rand Morimoto
    Exchange Server , United States
    Tracking the career and community contributions of Exchange Server MVP Rand Morimoto is like following a blueprint of 21st century curiosity and passion
  • Patrick Guimonet
    Patrick Guimonet
    SharePoint Server , France
    I discovered and then learned to work with the Microsoft Communities in general and the MVPs in particular while I was working for Microsoft
  • Samuel Zürcher
    Samuel Zürcher
    SharePoint Server , Switzerland
    It all started in 2008, when Samuel became a SharePoint administrator at a Swiss University.
  • Masaki Nishioka
    Masaki Nishioka
    SharePoint Server , Japan
    Masaki Nishioka (MVP for SharePoint Server) started his real community activities when he established a company specializing in SharePoint Server in October, 2010.
  • Guillaume Belmas
    Guillaume Belmas
    Microsoft Azure , France
    I discovered the world of Microsoft in 2001: I was a student at an engineering college, which was not particularly geared towards Microsoft technologies
  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood
    Microsoft Azure , United States
    Microsoft Azure MVP Michael Wood’s work with technical communities began modestly, attending .NET user groups because, as he says, “I honestly thought it was a good career thing. It has turned into so much more for me.”
  • Aymeric Weinbach
    Aymeric Weinbach
    Microsoft Azure , France
    It all started when I discovered the "cloud" concept.
  • Atsushi Fukui
    Atsushi Fukui
    Microsoft Azure , Japan
    Community activities by "Mr. Atsushi Fukui" (MVP for Microsoft Azure) began in the latter half of the 1990's with a community in Japan named "NT Committee 2."
  • Ming Chung Chu
    Ming Chung Chu
    Microsoft Azure , Taiwan
    Ming-Chung Chu (with the online nickname Xiao Chu) has been participating in the online community since 2001. He was the moderator for the professional certification forum and .NET forums of the Programmer Club.
  • Daron Yondem
    Daron Yondem
    Microsoft Azure , Turkey
    Daron started his way in the community writing his first ASP.NET AJAX book, an 800 pages long AJAX Bible. He started hosting sessions all around Turkey trying to spread the word about AJAX libraries and ASP.NET’s approach to it.
  • Wilfried Woivré
    Wilfried Woivré
    Microsoft Azure , France
    I've been a part of the sphere of Microsoft communities since 2005: first as a member of my school's association, then as a Microsoft Student Partner, and now as a Microsoft Azure MVP.
  • Benjamin Soulier
    Benjamin Soulier
    Microsoft Azure , France
    I started actively using the forums in the 2000s to find information, since I was a novice myself in the technologies I was using. Shortly after, Microsoft opened discussion forums about its development technologies.
  • Atley Hunter
    Atley Hunter
    Windows Phone Development , Canada
    "...I love solving simple problems with the Windows Phone and my rules to do that are pretty simple: Create a good UI, make people smile, make it easy to use and make sure it does exactly what you say it will. If you get three out of four of those, your app will be a success.” -- Atley Hunter
  • David Dong
    David Dong
    Windows Phone Development , Taiwan
    David Dong has been a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) at Microsoft for 7 years. In April 2008, he was awarded as an ASP.NET MVP and his extraordinary research and contribution to Windows Phone have rewarded him as a Windows Phone Development MVP consecutively over the last three years.
  • Rodrigo Diaz Concha
    Rodrigo Diaz Concha
    Silverlight , Mexico
    I started creating my technical blog by writing articles and actively participating in local community meetings in Mexico City, where I am from. My passion for technology and desire to learn led me to consider sharing with others the knowledge that I have acquired and to help solve technical problems, which I find very rewarding.
  • Rene Schulte
    Rene Schulte
    Windows Phone Development , Germany
    Rene Schulte has been a Windows Phone developer right from the start and has developed numerous award-winning apps. In addition to his distinction as a Microsoft MVP, his community work has been recognized repeatedly with nominations as a Nokia Developer Champion. Rene has been active in the community for many years.
  • Samuel Blanchard
    Samuel Blanchard
    Windows Phone Development , France
    I started regularly participating in the forums about 3 years ago, when I became interested in Silverlight. I really got into it once I saw how I could help people, and I became a moderator a few months later. Currently, I'm particularly active in the forum dedicated to Windows Phone, but I also like to write articles and speak at technical sessions during events such as Microsoft TechDays
  • Paul Robichaux
    Paul Robichaux
    Exchange Server , United States
    “The award itself adds a nice dash of credibility with customers, but the biggest benefit has been the broad exposure to product teams at Microsoft and other MVPs.
  • Xavier Vanneste
    Xavier Vanneste
    SharePoint Server , France
    After starting to work with SharePoint 2003, Xavier was immediately impressed with the tool's capabilities: "SharePoint is becoming the heart of the information system because it's not only a platform for exchange and collaboration, but it also allows all of the knowledge within the organization to be centralized." It was this early passion for SharePoint that naturally led him to join the SharePoint specialist community through contributions to blogs, seminars and forums. "What I appreciate in those communities is the involvement and spirit of sharing among the participants – being part of the community often allows you to find answers to questions, whether they're technical or more general in nature."
  • Michael Kirst-Neshva
    Michael Kirst-Neshva
    Office365 , Germany
    Michael Kirst-Neshva has been involved with the community for a long time. He began answering questions in the newsgroups over ten years ago. After giving his first lecture on SharePoint 2010 and Multi Tenancy at a SharePoint conference a few years ago, feedback from participants soon gave him an idea of the level of interest out there for exchanging experience with other users. He decided there and then to start supporting the community. This led to the idea of establishing the virtual user group 'UserGroup Office365' at TechEd 2010 in Berlin, Germany. The user group is a one-stop shop for those looking for information on Office 365 and for those just looking to exchange ideas related to cloud computing. "I enjoy talking about my experiences and helping others with problems. And I really get a kick out of solving problems," says Michael.
  • Juan Carlos González Martín
    Juan Carlos González Martín
    SharePoint Server , Spain
    My full name is Juan Carlos González Martín and I was born just over 34 years ago in the beautiful and cultural city of Salamanca, although I spent all of my childhood and adolescence in a beautiful village surrounded by mountains in the northwest of the province of Leon: Palacios del Sil. Then from those happy times, when I didn't have to think too much, onwards the wheels began to turn faster and faster: studying Telecommunications Engineering in the University of Valladolid, going on Erasmus to Eindhoven in Holland, starting my first technology-related job in the multinational Accenture in Madrid, arriving in the city where I currently live (Santander) and my current job in the Microsoft Innovation Center Cantabria (better known in our world as CIIN) as a Solutions Architect specializing in the SharePoint platform.
  • Chih-Hsin Ou
    Chih-Hsin Ou
    Office365 , Taiwan
    Chih-Hsin Ou received his first MVP award in 2009 for his profession in Visual C#; he was later named Windows Desktop Experience MVP in 2010, Office System MVP in 2011, and Office 365 MVP in 2012.What was the driving force behind his relentless growth, and success in different professions? Ou said "It was because of my desire to meet new challenges!"
  • Hui Li
    Hui Li
    Office System , China
    Since 2002, Hui Li has been committed to the researches and training on Microsoft Office family products and introducing Microsoft Office technologies via community lectures. Through four years’ continuous contributions and efforts in the Office communities, he found that the value of Microsoft MVP has been recognized significantly by users.
  • Hiroyuki Kawai
    Hiroyuki Kawai
    PowerPoint , Japan
    Mr. Hiroyuki Kawai started to regularly use PowerPoint when he changed his title to "Planner" in 2001. He had no choice because he had increased opportunities to use PowerPoint for interacting with his clients. But it did not take him long before he started to like PowerPoint. Because he noticed that he can create sufficiently beautiful planning documents with PowerPoint. Since then, he has been leveraging PowerPoint under a motto, "use it as I like".
  • Juno Bae
    Juno Bae
    PowerPoint , Korea
    I have been a PowerPoint MVP since 2007. While in charge of the business planning and proposals at a Health care company, I have created numerous business plans and proposals using PowerPoint. I was confident in my PowerPoint skills within the company. However, when I was in a rut over an unsolvable problem, I met other PowerPoint MVPs and learned that there was a whole new world. From that point on, I had a goal to become an MVP. Once I became an MVP, I have been sharing my knowledge like the other MVPs and was able to reach where I am now.
  • Bob Umlas
    Bob Umlas
    Excel , United States
    Bob Umlas’ license plate reads “ExcelMVP.” Now in his 20th year as an awardee, Bob was introduced to the spreadsheet technology in the mid-1980s at a meeting hosted by Microsoft in New York City.
  • John Viescas
    John Viescas
    Access , United States
    Access MVP John Viescas celebrates his 20th year as an MVP this March, a member of the first group of awardees in 1993.
  • Noorez Khamis
    Noorez Khamis
    SharePoint Server , Canada
    SharePoint Server MVP Noorez Khamis has a thriving 13-year career in information management and architecture and strives to be on the leading edge of technology.
  • Lewis Benge
    Lewis Benge
    Kinect for Windows , Australia
    Commerce Server MVP Lewis Benge specializes in multi-channel platform development and has a strong background in eCommerce and retail. He has been actively helping the community get ready for the launch of Windows 8 and, now that it’s here, will probably really have his work cut out for him.
  • Lluis Franco
    Lluis Franco
    Visual C# , Spain
    Visual C# MVP Lluis Franco got his start in community like so many other MVPs—after getting help online, he began giving back and answering questions himself.
  • Michel Martin
    Michel Martin
    Windows Expert-Consumer , France
    Michel Martin is webmaster of Mediaforma, a Web site that answers Windows 7 and Windows 8 questions using videos, and author of more than 300 books and training CD ROMs.
  • Kyunghee Ko
    Kyunghee Ko
    Internet Explorer , Korea
    College lecturer and author of more than 55 books on Internet technology, Internet Explorer MVP Kyunghee Ko didn’t think three years ago she had what it took to be an MVP.
  • Bill Jelen
    Bill Jelen
    Excel , United States
    Prolific author Bill Jelen has written 34 books, and also is the publisher of the Holy Macro! branded books for Excel and Microsoft Office.