Meet Community Champ Julien Dollon
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Being part of the community isn’t Julien Dollon’s job at Microsoft: it’s his passion.
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As a Microsoft software development engineer for Surface    and Windows, Julien Dollon can’t talk about what he’s working on most of the time. But that doesn’t stop him from being out in the community, talking with students, sharing ideas with MVPs, posting to his highly popular blogs and, as he explains it,  “trying to animate communities and put good vibrations around Microsoft.”
 “I had thought my dream job was to be a technical evangelist at Microsoft—be out their helping people learn about and make great use of the technology,” said Julien. “But then I realized I also really want to be part of shipping products, so I became a developer at Microsoft and work with communities in my spare time.”
A Client Application Development MVP for several years, Julien joined Microsoft in 2012. His most recent initiative was helping develop the Surface Remix Project, which allows people to attach a Music Cover to their Surface and control parts of songs, loops, instruments, vocals, hooks, and beats to create and remix music.
Julien helped develop the Surface Remix Project
On the side, Julien works with Microsoft Student Partners to help them develop their professional and technical skills. He’s worked with teams at Imagine Cup and leads the CarriereIT Facebook group. “He represents, for many young French developers, a major example to follow,” said Livia Formisani, EMEA Content Coordinator for the MVP Award Team.
“I remind them, ‘A goal without a plan is a wish,’” explained Julien.
A frequent presenter at Microsoft’s Tech-Ed and TechDays events, Julien met his wife Soumow Atitallah at a TechDays conference. Soumow was also a Microsoft Student Partner and Imagine Cup participant, and now she works for Microsoft as part of the Windows Phone team.
But that hasn’t stopped her deep involvement with the community either. She engages with Arabic communities and has thousands of active followers. “I don’t know how she does that,” mused Julien. “But when we want to create a buzz, we ask each other to post,” he laughed.
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