MVP Visual Studio 2013 Launch Activities around the World
Friday, February 28, 2014
In blogs and books and at virtual and hands-on events, MVPs are showing developers around the world how to make the most of Visual Studio 2013.
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The MVP community was out in force for the recent release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013—a family of products, tools, and technologies for building powerful, high-performance apps.
Because of the trusted relationship MVPs have with Microsoft’s Visual Studio product team and engineers, many had already had hands-on experience with the features in the latest release. In fact, a significant number of MVPs provided feedback in the early stages of the product’s development and many participated in private Betas. The launch itself occurred just a week before the MVP Global Summit. As Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Division, S. Somasegar (or “Soma” to many), noted, the timing gave MVPs a great opportunity to sit down immediately at the Summit and share insights with the product teams around real-world applications.
At launch, MVPs were poised to help developers around the world gain insights about the new features in Visual Studio 2013, .NET Framework 4.5.1 and ASP.Net 4.5.1. These include enhancements to C++, JavaScript, and F# languages, new features in .NET Framework 4.5.1 and ASP.Net 4.5.1, a host of new features for developing more compelling Windows Store apps more efficiently, as well as tools to help connect client apps to both Windows Store and Microsoft Azure Mobile Services. 
Many served as guest bloggers on the Microsoft MVP Award Blog weeks before launch, delivering expert tips and resources for making the most of the new features. You can see the collection of blog posts here. MVP perspectives also are shared on the Visual Studio 2013 MSDN blog.
During the launch itself, close to 63,000 people watched the live virtual event and, to date, more than 1.3 million people around the world have seen the virtual launch. You can find out about upcoming Microsoft- and partner-scheduled events here.
Prior to and after the launch, there were myriad global community events, and MVPs have been taking the lead in the majority of them.
Here are some of the highlights:
In France, the Visual Studio 2013 Paris Summit event was held on November 26, an entire afternoon dedicated to the discovery of the new features of Visual Studio ALM and Visual Studio 2013. MVPs Christopher Maneu, Florent Santin, Etienne Margraff and Michel Perfetti delivered sessions and shared their enthusiasm on stage to 250 developers at the Conference Center of Microsoft France.   
In French-speaking Belgium, several MVPs, Renaud Dumont, Matthieu Vandenhende and Olivier Matis from Belgium, held Mobile Day Dev on December 12 around the topic of mobile development, including development for Windows Phone, embedded technologies and Surface/laptops devices, and shared their ideas about Visual Studio 2013 and coding. Two French Windows Phone Development MVPs, Rudy Huyn and Samuel Blanchard, also delivered sessions. The event was so successful the MVPs are already planning another edition.
A French Visual C# MVP, Jason De Oliveira has co-written a book entitled Visual Studio 2013 - Design and develop Web projects and manage TFS 2013. In more than 500 pages, it focuses on how to design and develop Web projects in Visual Studio 2013 and how to manage them with TFS 2013. It is aimed at helping a wide audience of developers acquire a solid basis for web projects with Microsoft tools, based on Agile technology.
Swenug (Swedish .NET UG) Gothenburg event for the launch of Visual Studio 2013 was held on November 13. Organized by MVP Fredrik Normen, Swenug and Microsoft, it offered live streaming of the Visual Studio launch keynote and Fredrik provided a presentation about news in TFS and VS2013.
Egyptian MVP Ahmed Bahaa Farid delivered one of the six speeches at the MEA Visual Studio Launch, an offline and online event held on November 19 in Egypt, which included a session by S. Somasegar titled “Cloud Powered Load Testing Using Visual Studio 2013.” In addition to the more than 500 attendees, the event was streamed online and reached an audience of more than 10,000.
Visual C# MVP Christian Nagel organized a meeting of .NET UG Austria on December 13 at the Microsoft Austria offices and delivered a session on Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.1. Christian demonstrated how Visual Studio 2013 enhances daily work and he shared his insights on Windows Store Apps, One ASP.NET and Entity Framework 6.
On December 16, a special event of the DotNet Toscana UG took place in Firenze, Italy, dedicated to Visual Studio 2013. Two Visual C# MVPs, Nicolò Carandini and Marco Minerva, presented at the event. Throughout the day, participants explored new features of Visual Studio 2013 addressing the web, but the speakers also went a step further, illustrating how these tools can be integrated into client applications. 
In Latin America, MVPs were featured on Microsoft’s Channel 9 in a host of videos highlighting the new features of Visual Studio 2013. You can watch them here (in Spanish).
In Taiwan and Korea, MVPs began helping the community prepare for the launch of Visual Studio 2013 during the regions’ Tech Days events last fall.
In China, MVPs have taken on a key role in an extensive roadshow that began in November featuring Visual Studio 2013 and scheduled to reach a dozen cities.
And this is only the beginning. More than 160 community events have taken place or are coming up. In a recent interview, S. Somasegar encouraged MVPs to get involved: “If you haven’t already, see where a launch event is happening near you and think about how you can participate, contribute and play a critical role in this launch.” He also discussed the value of MVP feedback, saying, “I’m pretty sure MVPs will be the first people to give Visual Studio 2013 a try and learn what it’s all about. I’m looking forward to hearing their feedback on the new things we’ve launched and to their becoming experts in it so they can support the community.” You can watch a video of S. Somasegar’s interview on this site.