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Damon Payne | Client App Dev |
Damon Payne is a life-long geek, Microsoft MVP, father, husband, audio/video nut, atheist, martial artist, and short order cook who lives in the unexplored swamps near Milwaukee.
Gregor Biswanger | Client App Dev |
Jeremiah Morrill | Client App Dev |
I work at a software development shop, eConnect, where we develop loss prevention and digital surveillance software. I primarily focus on Windows user interface technologies like WPF, Silverlight and high performance media APIs like Direct3D, Direct...
Jérémy Alles | Client App Dev | France
I'm an enthusiast software developer working with Microsoft technologies for over 5 years now. I build Windows desktop apps, Windows Phone app, Windows 8 apps, Web apps. I'm an app lover and I love new challenges and engage with my users :-)I dis...
Jörg Neumann | Client App Dev | Germany
Jörg Neumann is Associate at thinktecture and works also as Principal for the Acando Group in Hamburg (Germany). He is specialist for various UI technologies. In addition to the technical aspects, he has an eye for design and usability. He has over...
Junyi Duan | Client App Dev | China
目前在某外资公司担任企业架构师角色,主要负责国内大型,巨型企业的应用规划与咨询,解决方案设计和实施。当前主要实施化工,能源和金融行业的项目。 曾就职于惠普公司担任资深架构师以及交付经理,负责云计算,供应链,大系统集成等方案,并且带领架构师团队负责全球及国内部分软件项目开发实施
Kazuki Ota | Client App Dev | Japan
Michael Perry | Client App Dev |
Every piece of code is a theorem. It is a sequence of logical conclusions, each based on the one before, leading up to desired behavior. To validate that behavior, you need to prove the theorem. The compiler is a theorem solver, and unit tests check
Nuchit Atjanawat | Client App Dev |
I working on Windows and Web Application Development.,contribute my blogs for, a technical writer(Thai Edition) for Windows ITPro Magazine( and CODE IT Magazine (
Ouch Liu | Client App Dev |
I'm devoted to the domain of Rich Interactive Application/Rich Internet Application such as WPF, Silverlight and Flex, Air.By the way, I am interested in other .Net technologies such as ASP.Net, web services/SOA, Windows Phone Apps dev and Window...