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Alexey Lyubko | Developer Security |
Andre N. Klingsheim | Developer Security | Norway
Andrew Wilson | Developer Security |
Andrew Wilson is a Security Associate at Stach and Liu. He has over 9 years experience building and securing software for a variety of companies. Andrew specializes in application security assessment, penetration testing, threat modeling and secure d...
Blake McNeill | Developer Security |
Primarily a software designer who's history involves design and development of a number of commercial software products ranging from engineering simulation tools, to banking systems to security tools and pretty well all point in-between. While always...
Chris Weber | Developer Security | United States
I've been active in the information security field since 2000, building, breaking, and hacking things every day. Please contact me with any questions, comments, or lashings either through here or via Twitter, LinkedIn, or my personal website at www....
Craig Murphy | Developer Security |
Craig is an author, blogger, community evangelist, developer, speaker, project manager (Certified ScrumMaster) and Microsoft MVP. He specialises in all things XML, particularly SOAP/Web Services and XSLT. Craig is also evangelical about C#, Test-Dr...
David Rook | Developer Security |
David Rook is the Application Security Lead at Realex Payments in Dublin. He is a contributor to several OWASP projects including the code review guide and the Cryptographic Storage Cheat Sheet. He has presented at leading information security confer...
Dominick Baier | Developer Security |
Dominick works as an associate consultant for the German company Thinktecture ( His focus is identity & access control protocols and APIs and how to apply them to real world software projects. He started the popular Ident...
Don Kiely | Developer Security |
Don Kiely, MVP, MCSD, MSDE, is a senior technology consultant specializing in developing secure desktop and Web applications that integrate databases, Microsoft Office, and related technologies, using tools including SQL Server, Visual Basic, C#, ASP...
Kirk Jackson | Developer Security |