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Ahmed Rashed Amini | Dynamics NAV |
I started with Nav out of College in 2001. My first job was working as developer with Navision. Over the years, I've taken part in every part of Nav implemtation, from analysis gathering to post golive support. I've implemented small 4 weeks project...
Alain Krikilion | Dynamics NAV | Italy
I started working with Navision in 1999 in Belgium and fast became expert with it.I live in Italy since June 2002 and I am working for Aive BS as senior Navision developer.Specialized in solving performance issues on Navision and SQL-DB, technica...
Aleksandar Totovic | Dynamics NAV | Serbia
Aleksandar Totović is ERP Consulting Director in NPS d.o.o. Long-time ERP consultant and project manager. Project manager on many international projects and many complex manufacturing and construction projects. System Architect of NAV4Construction so...
Alex Chow | Dynamics NAV |
Alex has been working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 1999. He has done hundreds of implementations across multiple industries. The size of businesses Alex has works with range from $2 million a year mom-and pop-shops to $500 million a year multi-n...
Andrey Panko | Dynamics NAV |
Arend-Jan Kauffmann | Dynamics NAV | Netherlands
My very first introduction to the wonderful world of IT was back in 1986 as a teenager. Since then, the IT industry didn't let me go. Before my entrance in the Dynamics NAV world in 2002, I have worked for several large consultancy firms, mainly as a...
Claus Lundstrøm | Dynamics NAV |
"Claus Lundstrøm is the former Program Manager for the Report Designer in NAV 2013. After 13 years at Microsoft, Claus decided to move closer to the customers and joined Abakion in February 2012. Abakion (, is the best NAV partner in
Daniel Rimmelzwaan | Dynamics NAV |
In early 2000, I kind of stumbled into NAV development (or Navision as it was called then) when I was looking for a job as a VB developer. At that time I intended to use this job as an intermediate step toward a 'better' job. More than 10 years later...
David Singleton | Dynamics NAV | United Arab Emirates
Like many, my introduction to Navision was when consulting for a company on a completely unrelated issue, and realized that they needed a system to get themselves organized. We found Navision, and it was immediately obvious that this product was more...
Eric Wauters | Dynamics NAV |
I started working with dynamics NAV in 2001.Started out being an allrounder ... Financial consultant as well as business consultant as well as developer. I saw that this was not the way of performing "professionally".9 years ago, I got the o...