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Bernard Rey | Macintosh | France
I have been using Apple computers since the Apple IIe (Windows PCs too) and Microsoft products since Multiplan — as a retailer, a teacher and of course as a user, both corporate (currently in a hospital) and personal (at home).I am active in Office...
Bob Greenblatt | Macintosh | Canada
I specialize in developing applications in Microsoft Excel that must run on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Recent applications include corporate database "front end" entry, validation and batch loading, and "back end" retrieval and reporting;
Bob Jones | Macintosh |
Unlike many of the Mac MVPs, Bob [AKA: CyberTaz] is spread over the entire range of Office applications on both Mac & Windows. He was hooked on personal computers starting with the early 8-bit systems - Atari, Commodore, TI, etc. - then evolving into...
Corentin Cras-Méneur | Macintosh |
Long time usenet user, Corentin started to visit the French and US Microsoft newsgroups more and more frequently when Office X was first launched on the — then — new MacOS X operating system. Awarded MVP by Microsoft in 2002, Corentin still navigates...
Daniel G Grau | Macintosh | Argentina
Daniel holds an M.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Electronics. He began programming accounting packages on a Tandy TRS-80, escalated to designing automated-typesetting modules and later became a technical translator. Daniel still does the occas...
James Gordon | Macintosh | United States
Jim has answered thousands of questions about Microsoft Office in Microsoft Answers, Yahoo Answers, and at PowerPoint users will recognize Jim as the creator of InsertPicture add-in for Macintosh. He has made other add-ins and templa...
John Graham McGhie | Macintosh |
I work as a Technical Writer and Business Analyst, consulting on large-scale technical writing projects, and selling Microsoft Word and Excel Solutions (templates and VBA macros) for PC and Macintosh. I have been a professional writer since 1973, f...
Philip Tindall | Macintosh |
Graphic Designer living in Rural County Kerry, Ireland. I have a passion for all things Mac & tech in general. Graduated with a BA honors in Digital Media Production in 1998, I have been working as a graphic designer & illustrator for the last 12 y...
Richard V Michaels | Macintosh | United States
Richard is an expert at applying critical thinking to address large-scale business challenges, at GCL he is responsible for the design and development of the company’s products and corporate education interventions with its clients.Over his more
William M. Smith | Macintosh | United States
Bill has worked in the computer technology field for more than 15 years specializing in the support of advertising, design, graphics and print systems in several enterprise environments. His specialty is integrating and supporting Macintosh computers...